A story about what it feels like jumping out of a secure life and plunging into the unknown. 

Starting a business!

Starting a business!

Dear Career Plunge, 

I owe you an update.

I’m no longer working for the Berlin roaster.

When I left in November, I thought back on this whole career plunge thing. Leaving London finance, an Indian motorcycle, hustling in Melbourne for my first coffee job, landing in Berlin.

A story.

I’ve loved this story. The ups, the downs, the uncertain outcome.

And I’ve also come across so many life changing personal stories while following my own. Complex, profound stories.

The kind of stories that are the gritty reality behind glossy Instagram posts. The kind that forever change how you see something as simple as a cup of coffee.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone made a podcast turning these raw stories into a professional podcast for everyone to hear?

*lightning crack*

Whoa… slow down...what do I know about making professional audio stories? Not much. But you have to start somewhere.

In December I make a pilot episode and test it out. People like it. They want more.

In January I hop on the phone - I speak to everybody I know in coffee and begin falling down rabbit holes.

60 hours later I resurface with eight stories. I invest €10,000 of my own savings, buy the recording gear, book flights to far flung corners of the world and try to get these stories on tape.

I encounter so many challenges I can’t even….

One of the more serious: I need to speak Spanish. I don’t have money for a translator. So I land in Guatemala and begin recording conversations with Spanish speaking coffee farmers. I have a vague idea what they’re saying, and they have a vague understanding what I’m asking them. Either way, it’s all on tape. I go back to my $5 a night hotel and transcribe it word for word. The first 5 minutes of tape takes me an hour to write. I’m losing the will to live. I persevere.

Six weeks later I’m debating the macroeconomic implications of coffee pricing. In Spanish.

In June I land back in Berlin with a monumental task ahead of me. Each 30 minute episode will take over 100 hours to create. I need to find 800 hours. I go into project management mode - for the next six months I’ve planned my life down to the quarter hour.

At this point, I haven’t earned money for 9 months. I need cash, quick. I put together a 60 page business plan (in German o.0), register the podcast as a business and apply for start up financing.

The result? Filter Stories. The untold stories hidden in your cup of coffee.

The podcast launches today!

The channel is live wherever you get your podcasts.

Please listen and if you like it please share it. It would mean the world to me.

Thank you.



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